2022-23 SGHL Recap

SGHL Families,

First of all, we would like to thank the players, parents, friends and fans for the commitment and perseverance to make this season happen. We are extremely proud to say we’ve completed our third season.

We are extremely excited for next year. As we recap and reflect we want to remind everyone of our mission;  to provide girls in the southeast opportunities to play hockey, grow and develop into strong female leaders.

We work tirelessly to provide a safe, happy, positive environment for girls to play hockey in the southeast. We need everyone’s support to keep growing the league and keep providing opportunities for girls to play hockey in the Southeast. We would like to remind everyone how unique our league is. We have a wide range of girls on the ice from age, experience and level. Please keep this in mind as we continue to grow. This league is about building team culture, positive atmosphere and leadership growth. Every team and organization has different challenges they face on and off the ice. Each team and organization are unique in their own ways.

Thank you to Michelle Smith and Jessica Steckly for volunteering this season!

Our Grit Award recipients:
This award was given to the player who most exemplified hard work and development throughout the season on and off the ice. These players demonstrated courage, perseverance, adaptability and resilience.

Atlanta- Sam Heller
Charlotte- Sophie Vap
Orlando- Madelyn Voorhees
Tampa Bay- Maddox Blomstrom

Atlanta- Alison Mulford
Charlotte- TBA
Fort Myers-Abby Munoz
Orlando- Lily Ingram
South Carolina- Emma Gibbs

Atlanta- Erica Grigg
Charlotte- Skye Tittle
Orlando- Annalise  Rockett

Our 2022-2023 Champions
12U – Tampa Bay Crunch
16U – South Carolina Lady Warriors
19U – Charlotte Queen City Royals

Our 2022-2023 Finalists
12U – Charlotte Queen City Royals
16U – Fort Myers Warriors
19U – Orlando Express

Some 2022-23 Fun Facts:
124 Games played
3 Divisions (12U, 16U & 19U)
5 Weekends in 4 cities- 1 new city
One weekend with a College Coach assessing players

It’s taking a village to create our hockey league-
196 Players

101 New SGHL players
34 Coaches
13 Female coaches
7 States of residence (VA, NC, SC, TN, AL, GA, FL)
6 Clubs (Atlanta, Charlotte, Fort Myers, Orlando, South Carolina, Tampa Bay)
12 Teams (4 -12U,  5 -16U, 3-19U)Thank you for being apart of it!

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